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Windsor Vacuums FAQ's

You Ask - We Answer

Q: What vacuum should I buy?

A: There are many variables to consider when buying a vacuum for commercial or home use. A few things to consider are: budget, flooring type, weight, cleaning area square footage, who’s using the vacuum. Please call us for detailed advice for your particular situation. (866) 888-0128

Q: What’s the difference between the Windsor Sensor XP and Sensor S?

A: The Sensor XP is better used on varying flooring types (carpet/hard surfaces). The Sensor S is best used when automatic adjustment is not needed. If the user wishes to manually adjust the height of the vacuum, the Windsor Sensor S is the best choice.

Q: Why do I need to change my filters? How often?

A: The filters, including the bag, are the barrier which blocks dirt from blowing right back into the room you're in. When the filters get clogged (that’s natural), the air has difficulty passing through. Basically, poor performance. We recommend filter replacement for the Windsor Sensor and Windsor Versamatic models to be every 20 bag changes. Since bags come in packs of 10, just order filters every other time you order bags. Changing filters on Axcess models should be done every 10 bag changes. Just get one every time you order (don't worry, they’re cheap).

Q: Can I empty and re-use bags?

A: It's not recommended! The fine pores in the filter bag material will still be blocked even after emptying the bag out. Not only is It messy, but you will likely breath in more dust/allergens than you would in 10 years of vacuuming.

Q: What’s the advantage of the Windsor VERSAMATIC over the Windsor SENSOR?

A: Both machines have their strengths. The Windsor Versamatic is a 2-motor vacuum designed mainly for open areas like hallways and conference rooms. It will clean more sq. ft./hr than the Sensor. It's heavier than its single motor counterpart, so carrying it up and down stairs will be more difficult. A 2-Motor vacuum is usually used more like a "lawnmower" than a single motor like the Sensor. The advantages of the Sensor are: Its lighter, smaller, XP models clean hard surfaces (tile, wood, etc.)

Q: What is the Windsor vacuum warrenty?

A: Each machine will vary. Click here for full warrenty details.

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