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Windsor's All-Star Vacuum Line-Up
The Windsor Sensor is the #1 choice for hotels
The Windsor Versamatic is the best selling 2-motor vacuum ever!
The Windsor Axcess will show you supernatural versatility
This legendary backpack is now HEPA standard
The most productive wide-area vacuum on the market
Tip of the Month
A Clean Machine is a Happy Machine Part 2:

When to change your brush - Run a credit card or driverís license along the face plates on either side of the brushes to see if the brush needs to be replaced. As long as the bristles make contact with the credit card or driverís license the brush is in good shape. If not, replace the brush.
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Video Spotlight: always gets you the Windsor Commercial Vacuums, repair Parts, Accessories, bags, and filters at the right price. If you need Windsor vacuum cleaner bags or filters you will always get them fast from Our experts have years of experience servicing and repairing Windsor Versamatic, Axcess and Windsor Sensor vacuums. We have real working knowledge of all aspects of the Windsor vacuum ine-up. We have the largest stock of Windsor Vacuum Parts on hand anywhere on the web. If you need technical support for your Windsor vacuum cleaner, janitorial supplies, or carpet cleaning please feel free to contact us or see our Windsor Vacuum FAQ's. The Windsor Sensor XP and Sensor SRS single motor upright commercial vacuums will transform the way you maintain your facility. Save time, money, stress, and improve standards with SENSOR.

For those needing specialized vacuuming alternatives, we also carry the Titan, the king of wet-dry vacuums, and the Trek Vac, a small, maneuverable vacuum for daily maintenance and cleaning. Save space and time without sacrificing power!

For large-area, hard-surface cleaning, check out the Recover 18. It's the top of the market.
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