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Sensor XP 15 Upright Vacuums

The Sensor XP has always been considered the “smartest” vacuum on the planet. As difficult as it may be to improve on the already advanced design, the release of the newest edition has brought new features which make the best even better. Like its smaller sister machine (XP12), the upgraded filtration, powerplant changes, and full chassis redesign are among a few of these improvements. Discover the new Sensor XP15 today!

The smartest vacuum cleaner on the planet. It adjusts automatically to match the exact height requirement of any flooring surface!

Versatility, Performance, Filtration, Durability, and Value

  1. Electronic Automatic Height control.
  2. Bigger, 1200 watt motor pulls even more dirt from the carpet.
  3. Light handle weight (1.5 lbs!) ensures operator comfort and productivity.
  4. Versatile on-board tools and extension wand make Sensor XP15 the perfect choice for detail cleaning.
  5. Easy-to-change filter bag, ensures the bag is installed correctly.
  6. Vacuum will shut down to protect itslef in the event of clogging or jamming the brush roller.
  7. Low profile, flat-to-the-floor design allows user to easily clean under beds and furniture.

Technical Specifications:

Model Number: XP15 (1.012-027.0)

  • Vacuum Motor: High-performance, 2-stage, 1.6 hp, (1200 watts), 90" (228 cm) waterlift, 105 cfm (50 liters/sec.) airflow
  • Housing: Tough, High-impact ABS plastic
  • Brush Drive: Non-slip geared belt, enclosed, electronic safety clutch and speed control
  • Brush Speed: 5400 brush contacts per minute at 2700 rpm
  • Dust Bag: Top load, enclosed, triple-layered bag with 323 in (5.3 ltr.)
  • ...
  • Filtration: 99.6% at 0.3 microns, 76 in (490 cm2) filtration area
  • Wheels: 2.5" (6.4 cm) dia. rubberized
  • Cable: 40' (12 m) 18/3 SJT, double insulated
  • Electrical: 120 volts, 60 cycle 230 volts, with 50 Hz models are available in some markets
  • Working Width: 15" (38 cm)
  • Height: 46" (117 cm)
  • Handle Weight: 1.5 lbs. (0.7 kg)
  • Weight: with cable 18 lbs., without cable 16 lbs.
  • Sound Level: 70 dBA at operator
  • Tools: On-board crevice and upholstery tools, optional dusting brush (part #1094) and clip (part #5352WS) available
  • Approvals: CRI Indoor Air Quality Testing Program
  • Warranty: See full warranty for details.
  • Patents: 5028245, 4955106, 5056175

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With its reputation for reliability and performance, trust in the industry-leading Sensor XP to provide the ease of maintenance and functionality over the rest. Boasting an automatically adjusting brush height, the Sensor XP will determine the best level for your flooring needs. This automated self-adjusting system allows the machine to effectively remove deep dirt and soil while extending the lifespan of the brush roller. Investing in this vacuum will not only save you money on replacements in the long run, but it will also prevent damage to your carpets. To reduce the handling weight of the machine, the Sensor XP makes full use of just a single 1.6 horsepower motor. The XP15 is a solid choice of vacuum cleaner with the 15 inch powerhead, a wider width than the XP12 while offering a bit more maneuverability than the XP18.

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