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* The Windsor Nuwave is now replaced by the Karcher CV 66/2 *

Windsor Karcher
NuWave 26 Inch Wide Area Vacuums

The luxury vehicle of vacuums. The NuWave has an impressive 26 inch cleaning path while still being compact enough for maneuverability in tighter spaces. Sporting dual counter-rotating brushes, this vacuum will clean both sides of the carpet nap removing double the amount of soil in just one pass.

Ideal for large area cleaning! Designed with convenience and efficiency in mind, the NuWave has the tools and features to reduce cleaning time, and the perfomance to impress even the most skeptical critics.

Windsor NuWave Features and Benefits

  1. Dual, counter-rotating brushes agitate, lift and clean both sides of the carpet nap, removing 50% more soil on one pass.
  2. Floating brush deck maintains constant contact with carpet surface and requires no operator adjustment.
  3. Two proprietary designed 1.1 hp vacuum motors deliver higher air flow for deep carpet cleaning.
  4. Productivity of 11,000 ft2/hr.
  5. Extra large 10" non-marking rear wheels and two large 3" front casters deliver superior maneuverability, reducing operator fatigue.
  6. Multiple position soft grip handle is ergonomically designed to reduce skeletal and muscular strain on the operator.
  7. East-to-access accessory tool suction port.
  8. No-slip cord wrap design.
  9. Handle folds flat for compact storage.
  10. Easy bag removal, and 98% filtration bag improves air quality.

Technical Specifications:

Model Number: 1.012-533.0

  • Vacuum: 63" waterlift (1600 mm)
  • Vacuum Motor: 2 x 1.1 hp (802 watts)
  • Brush Length: 26 inches
  • Brush Motor: .5 hp (186 watts)
  • Brush: 2 x 26" (660 mm) with nylon bristles
  • Filter Bag: Disposable paper bag and reusable cloth bag. 1 bushel (2,150 cubic inch, 35 liter) capacity
  • Construction: Rotationally molded polyethylene tank, heavy guage steel frame.
  • Air Flow Rate: 224 cfm (105 l/s)
  • Height: 40.5" (1029 mm)
  • Weight: 164 lbs (74.5 kg) with cable
  • Width: 30.3" (768 mm)
  • Length: 43.5" (1105 mm)
  • Power Cable: 75' (23 m) 14/3 SJTW
  • Standard Tools: 8.2" (2.5 m) suction hose, 11.2" (285 mm) floor tool (with changeover), 2 x 19.7" black metal suction tubes, permanent nylon filter (washable)
  • Optional Tools: Paper filter bags (0.904-312.0), crevice tool (6.903-403.0)
  • Performance: 11,000 ft2/hr. (1,021 m2/hr.)
  • Performance: 115V, 60 Hz, 13 amps (230V, 50 Hz also available)
  • Sound Level: 73 dBA
  • Warrnty: See full warranty for details.

Leasing Options:

Leasing Options

Financing Application

For medium to large areas, the NuWave/CV 66/2 wide area vacuum is the top choice for cleaning professionals. With a 26-inch wide cleaning vacuum path, this workhorse makes cleaning large square footage ultra-efficient, while still being able to maneuver to clean in tighter areas. It’s optional accessory tools allow for detail work without having to return to the storage closet for a detailing vacuum. Deep-cleaning dual counter-rotating brushes provide optimal agitation. The ability to clean the carpet nap from multiple directions in a single pass, provides 50% more soil pickup than a traditional wide-area machine. Twin 1.1 hp vacuum motors deliver the highest air flow available, for maximum cleaning performance. Jaw-dropping productivity of 9,300 ft2/hr, saves on labor costs and increases ROI. Ergonomic multiple-position soft grip handle reduces fatigue of the operator and increases agility. Fold over handle allows for tidy & compact storage.

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